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Closed and Limited Availability Classes

Term: 202320 Fall 2022/Undergraduate

CRN Course Description Available Seats
21492ACCT 2803Principles of Accounting I CLOSED
22150ACCT 6103Financial Management CLOSED
21955APPR 2012Voice-Major Lower CLOSED
22138ART 1303Exploring Art CLOSED
21884ART 2113Tie-Dye, Batik, and Shibori CLOSED
21617BIOL 1504Human Anatomy & Phys I Lab CLOSED
21619BIOL 1504Human Anatomy & Phys I Lab CLOSED
20283BLIT 1103Discovering the Old Testament CLOSED
20299BLIT 1103Discovering the Old Testament CLOSED
21736BLIT 1103Discovering the Old Testament CLOSED
20300BLIT 1203Discovering the New Testament CLOSED
20301BLIT 1203Discovering the New Testament CLOSED
21739COMM 1103Strategic Communication CLOSED
21696COMM 1703Intro to Human Communication CLOSED
22115COMM 3003Media Editing CLOSED
21886COMP 4883Computer Science Internship CLOSED
22117ENGL 1102Writing Workshop II CLOSED
20681ENGL 1503Comp I: Writing & Rhetoric CLOSED
21579ENGL 1503Comp I: Writing & Rhetoric CLOSED
20683ENGL 1703Comp II: Writing & Research CLOSED
22140FNAR 1303Exploring Art CLOSED
22061FRST 1101Freshman Seminar CLOSED
22062FRST 1101Freshman Seminar CLOSED
22165FRST 1101Freshman Seminar CLOSED
21741GNSC 1303Engaging with Science CLOSED
20394GRAP 2203Introduction to Digital Media CLOSED
21087HIST 2103World History to 1500 CLOSED
22005HLEX 1303Essentials of Hlth & Injury Mg CLOSED
22006HLEX 1501HLEX Seminar I CLOSED
20622HLEX 3513Psychology of Sports CLOSED
22169MATH 1103Intermediate Algebra CLOSED
22075MATH 1111Intermediate Algebra Lab CLOSED
22164MATH 1111Intermediate Algebra Lab CLOSED
22171MATH 1111Intermediate Algebra Lab CLOSED
20025MGMT 3103Business Law I CLOSED
21806MGMT 3503Business Ethics CLOSED
21110NURS 2002Health Assessment Lab A CLOSED
22017PHED 3232Officiating Sports CLOSED
21587PSYC 1103General Psychology CLOSED
20646PSYC 2513Lifespan Development CLOSED
21509PSYC 2513Lifespan Development CLOSED
22132SOCI 2703Introduction to Social Justice CLOSED
21119ART 1103Drawing1
21398ART 1303Exploring Art1
20262CHEM 1104General Chemistry I Lab1
20379COMM 1303Public Speaking1
21269COMM 1303Public Speaking1
20107ECON 2503Principles of Macroeconomics1
22046ENGL 1102Writing Workshop II1
22070ENGL 1503Comp I: Writing & Rhetoric1
22134ENGL 1503Comp I: Writing & Rhetoric1
21395FNAR 1303Exploring Art1
21938FRST 1101Freshman Seminar1
22060FRST 1101Freshman Seminar1
22063FRST 1101Freshman Seminar1
22064FRST 1101Freshman Seminar1
22158FRST 1101Freshman Seminar1
22167GNSC 1303Engaging with Science1
21951GNST 4702Personality Type/Workplace1
20376HIST 1203U.S. History to 18771
22067HLEX 1303Essentials of Hlth & Injury Mg1
22016HLSC 1003Physical Activity and Health1
20016MGMT 3032Current Topics-Tech App in Bus1
22040NURS 2285Fund of Nursing Care Lab A1
22041NURS 2285Fund of Nursing Care Lab B1
22077NURS 4101Special Topics in Nrsg Intern1
20618PHED 1202Tech for Lifetime Fitness1
21105PHED 3222Techniques of Teaching Sports1
20125PSYC 1103General Psychology1
20133PSYC 4103Physiological Psychology1
20141SOCI 1003Introduction to Sociology1
20893THEO 2003Christian Theo and Worldview1

Term: 202350 Spring 2023/Undergraduate

CRN Course Description Available Seats
51706ART 2302Color1
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